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Dutch Hansa Towns VIP

Destination: Doesburg, Zutphen, Deventer, Hattem, Elburg

Visit the Hansa towns of Gelderland & Overijssel and be enveloped by stories, treated to a culinary feat or two as well as stunning characteristic townscapes. Picture yourself against a historical backdrop of enchanting historical Faςades, each one telling the story of its rich past; a past strongly shaped by the legendary Hanseatic League. Waterways have always served to connect all of the Hansa towns, but each Hansa town retains its unique character as well. So why not visit them? Doesburg, Zutphen, Deventer, Hattem, Zwolle, Hasselt, Kampen, Elburg as also Harderwijk.

Doesburg, cultural Hansa Town Doesburg has a wealth of monumental buildings to offer, each with its own fascinating history, providing a beautifull historic town centre.

Things to do:

·         Guided tour of Doesburg’s historical centre

·         Musee Lalique

·         Mosterd Museum

Trips you can plan outside Doesburg:

Arnhem (famous for “the Battle of Arnhem” in World War II, the 7 narrow roads called “The FashionQuarter”, Museum Arnhem with its modern art and spectecuar views of the Rhine).

Nijmegen (the oldest city in the Netherlands which they cherish what the historic buildings, parks and museums will show. Do stroll through the oldest shopping  street “De Lange Hezelstraat” who leads you in to more than 100 authentic little shops)

Open Air Museum Step back in time and discover what the daily life was like in the Netherlands hundreds of years ago. You can ride in an old tram or meet the smithy as also the miller.

Zutphen, with its stunning Walburgischurch, the beautiful Drogenapstower, the well-preserved city walls dating back to the 14th century and the picturesque enclosed courtyards. Things to do:

·         Guided city tour

·         Het Stedelijk museum (Municipal Museum)

·         Berkelruin

·         Boattrip on the IJsselriver to Deventer

Deventer, the charming authentic town centre of Deventer is worth a visit with its over 500 monumental buildings, its city’s scenic medieval streets and historical squares.

Things to do:

·         Guided tour trough the charming old-town

·         Charles Dickens cabinet

·         Boattrip on the IJssel river to Zutphen

Trips you can plan outside Zutphen or Deventer:

·         Hoge Veluwe & Kröller-Müller Museum, discover the National Park with sanddrifts and forests, flora and fauna. And don’t miss to visit the Museum, the second home of Vincent van Gogh’s works, but also work from Picasso, Monet and more.

·         Apeldoorn “ Paleis ’t Loo”, former palace, the furnished rooms and chambers show how the Oranges have lived and worked here over 300 years.


Hattem the cultural heritage town of the Veluwe. This pitoresque Hansatown offers centuries-old monuments, small streets and alleyways.

Things to do:

·         Guided tour “Klompenpad” (clogs path) through authentic rural landscapes

·         Anton Pieck Museum (fairy-tale world of Anton Pieck’s paintings & etchings)

·         Bakery Museum

·         Voerman Museum (Interconnected townhouses with 3 core collections: Archaeological findings, visual arts and history)

Elburg, the Hanseatic fishing town Elburg offers various museums, charming outdoor cafés and shops around the town square.

Things to do:

·         Guided historical tour

·         Smack Warf & Museum “ De Hellege”

·         Museum Elburg

Harderwijk, visit Harderwijk and its many faces: the Hanseatic, fortified, fishery, university and garrison town. See the stunning Frescoes of “de Grote kerk” , the fisherman’s cottage, the stained-glass windows of the Catharina Chapel and much more.

Things to do:

·         Guided city tour

·         Harderwijk Stedelijk Museum (Municipal Museum)

·         Dolfinarium


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