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The grand tour of Greenland from south to north

Destination: Reykjavik, Narsarsuaq, Qassiarsuk, Igaliku, Qaqortoq, Nuuk, Ilulissat

From US$ 6,139 13 days excluding flights


This is truly an ‘all inclusive’ trip – both in terms of geographical reach and value for money. A multitude of trips are included and your tour guide will happily share his knowledge about Greenland throughout the whole trip. Pack your bags and expect to return back home with a new set of memories and great experiences for a life time.

Day 1

From Reykjavik (Keflavik International Airport)we will fly with Air Iceland to Narsarsuaq, which is beautifully situated in South Greenland’s oasis of rough mountains, blooming plains, icy fjords, glaciers, ruins - and a highly developed agriculture.

In Narsarsuaq, we will stay at Hotel Narsarsuaq, which is located with the immense nature right outside the door. After check-in and the welcome dinner, those who are still standing and up for a good walk can go along on a hiking trip towards the Signal Hill. There is a breath-taking view of the airport area, Bratthalid, and the Ice Cap. For those who don't want to go all the way to the top, the view is still beautiful.

Day 2

Today we go on some great excursions.


In the morning, we transfer by boat to Qassiarsuk located at the bottom of Tunuliarfik, at the exact place where Erik the Red settled when he discovered the green land in 985. We will visit the properly restored ruins of Erik the Red's settlement, Brattahlid, and see reconstructions of his longhouse and his wife Thorhild’s church. Both reconstructions were built in 2000 to mark the 1000-year anniversary of Leif Ericsson's discovery of America and the introduction of Christianity in Greenland.

On the guided tour, you will get great insight into life in South Greenland 1000 years ago. There will be plenty of time to experience Qassiarsuk. We suggest that you enjoy your lunch in the small café Brattahlid.


In a smaller boat, we continue out into the beautiful Qooroq Fjord to the landing site Itilleq from where we will walk for one hour to Igaliku, the old King's Road (after Danish King Frederik the 9th’s visit in 1952). Igaliku is a beautiful sheep farming settlement at the bottom of the Igaliku Fjord, surrounded by a lush, green landscape and steep, bare hills in the background. Here, the Norsemen established their Gardar bishopric.

The remnants of the small cathedral are now visible between the colourful houses and vegetable gardens. Today, approx. 40 people live in Igaliku, primarily from sheep farming. We will spend 2 nights in the country hotel with a perfect view to the azure fjord.  

Day 3

The wonderful area invites us to do a guided hiking trip north of Igaliku to a fantastic vantage point with a view of the Qooroq glacier and the icecap in the back ground. The Qooroq glacier produces no less than 200,000 tons of ice every 24 hours! On the way we pass a small lake where there are excellent opportunities to find moonstones. It is also possible to do a lot of other hiking trips – for example to the roaring waterfalls or Nuluk hill.

Day 4

Today, we will be sailing to Qaqortoq – a wonderful trip through fantastic scenery with icebergs, cliffs and maybe sea eagles and seals. We will pass Hvalsø – a beautifully situated church ruin with a view of the fjord Qaqortup Ima.


We arrive at Qaqortoq early in the afternoon and will be staying at Hotel Qaqortoq. From the hotel there is a nice view over the harbour, and inside the hotel you can study fine pieces of artwork made by local artists.

After check-in at the hotel, we will take a walk around the town. The picturesque town is located in a pot between the Qaqortoq Fjord and the great lake Tasersuaq. The town is characterised by colourful houses, gardens with flowers and herbs, a fountain from the 1930s and the modern stone sculpture project Stone and Man carved directly into the cliffs.    

Day 5

Today it is time to experience Qaqortoq on your own and there is plenty to see and do. At the tourist office, you can get a map of the sculptures scattered around in the town. Take a walk over the river and visit the open fish and meat market and the cozy museum, which is also the oldest house in town, built in 1804.

Optional excursion

Another option is visiting the wonderful hot springs Uunartoq. The lakes are situated on an island approx. 50 kilometres south of Qaqortoq near the settlement Alluitsup-Paa. It is a great experience to enjoy the warm water surrounded by huge mountains and floating icebergs. During the 2.5-hour boat trip, there is a good chance that you will get to see whales frolicking in the water.  

Day 6

Early in the morning we will board the coastal vessel Sarfaq Ittuk. You can now relax, enjoy the views of the coastline from the first row and perhaps spot whales and seals. From the deck, you have a perfect view of the amazing coastline with its remote areas, hilly landscapes, icebergs in different sizes and colours and the reflection from the sun. The eased speed of the vessel makes you forget all about the time and allows you to reflect on life for a bit.  

Day 7

We arrive in Nuuk where we will be staying at the 4-star Hotel Hans Egede, which has the most stunning harbour views in the town. The hotel is located very centrally in Nuuk, and you might want to explore the nearby area a little on your own. With traffic lights, buses and lots of cars, it seems to be a busy town, but the wonderful scenery and the endless horizon automatically put town life in another perspective. As in all other towns in Greenland, you live in close harmony with nature but with plenty of inspiration from modern life. 

Day 8

With its approx. 15,000 inhabitants, Nuuk is a metropolis in comparison with other towns in Greenland. The construction industry thrives, as many new houses are being built, and the trade and restaurant life is lively. 

You should consider paying a visit to the Katuaq cultural centre, the open market (brættet), the old town and colonial port and the national museum where the famous mummies from Uummannaq are exhibited. Nuuk’s art museum is also worth a visit – the permanent exhibition includes many paintings by renowned painter Emanuel A. Petersen (1894-1948). 

Town walk and possibly hiking

Your guide will arrange a guided tour of the town, including visits to the museums for those who are interested. For hiking enthusiasts, an afternoon hiking trip around the beautiful mountain Lille Malene can be arranged.

The hike is approx. 8-10 kilometres long and requires good/normal physical condition and that you are accustomed to do hiking in fairly rough terrain. In return you will experience a pristine, quiet wilderness with streams and rivers that trickle with fresh, cold water surrounded by mountains and overlooking the beautiful Nuuk Fjord. There are also good shopping opportunities and lots of cozy cafés. 

Day 9

We fly from Nuuk to Ilulissat where we will be staying at Hotel Arctic that offers a delightful view of the fjord.

Town walk

In the afternoon, we will go on a guided tour where the guide will introduce you to modern life in contrast to the traditional hunting life that is still thriving in the town.


Today's program also offers a hike to the former Sermermiut settlement located beautifully at the mouth of the Ice Fjord. Due to its excellent fishing conditions, this has been the preferred settlement in the area for several thousand years. The last residents did not move from Sermermiut to Jakobshavn until the 1850s when the colony of Jakobshavn had existed for more than 100 years. It is a beautiful walk along the fjord with a view of icebergs of all shapes and sizes.  

Day 10

Today, we will sail northward, to Eqi, the calving glacier. Look out for seals and whales. As we reach Eqi, the boat sails close to the impressive glacier front, where you may be lucky enough to witness small calvings.

Glacier Lodge Eqi

Afterwards we go ashore at Glacier Lodge Eqi, located in the middle of nature with beautiful direct views of the glacier. We will spend the following 2 nights in small cozy one-room wooden cabins for one or two persons (no bunk beds and no sleeping bags).

The standard cabins have no running water or sewerage facilities. This is part of the concept! You will get a water bottle for use in the washstand and each cabin is equipped with a toilet bucket in a private toilet room. The cabins are equipped with a gas stove for heating and candles as a light source. All meals are served in Café Victor.

Your guide organises hiking trips in the area, including trips to the lagoon and the moraine, which offers a spectacular view of the Eqi glacier. The area provides numerous hiking opportunities, and it is up to you to decide whether to join a hiking trip or meditate amid the harsh, desolate and beautiful landscape - perhaps out on the cabin’s terrace. 

Day 10

From the cabins, we take a walk around the small lagoon, located south of the glacier, and cross the river on an easy transition and proceed up the great moraine where we can look down into the huge cracks of the glacier. From this position, you are able to see a large part of the tall glacier front – rising up to 80 metres in some places – and both see and hear mighty calvings. A wonderful trip in the middle of the wild paradise.  

Day 11

The morning is at your own disposal. At noon, we will sail back to Ilulissat with arrival late in the afternoon. Enjoy the passing scenery while looking out for whales. Fin whales, humpback whales and various other whales are often spotted in this area. In Ilulissat, Hotel Arctic welcomes you once again.  

Day 12

Enjoy Ilulissat at your own pace! Go for a hike in the mountains, inhale the atmosphere of the town – either on your own or on organised excursions.

Sailing on the Icefjord (optional)

Our local excursion office, World of Greenland, at the heart of Ilulissat, offers a wide range of excursions: A boat trip on the fjord during the day or in the evening under the dazing midnight sun is a wonderful experience. The most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere, Kangia, is located only approx. 60 kilometres from Ilulissat where it produces some of the world's largest icebergs.

You will have to be on a boat in order to get a true impression of the size of these giants of ice. It is often also possible to book a helicopter ride to Kangia – an absolutely breath-taking experience. It is also possible to pay a visit to one of the nearby settlements on a boat trip, which offers unique insight into the everyday life in small, isolated communities. 

Day 13

It is time to say goodbye to Greenland. We fly from Ilulissat to Reykjavik (Reykjavik Domestic Aiport).

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